M@xed is to aggresive with the bans.

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  • M@xed is to aggresive with the bans.

    If you look at the source bans M@xed is banning everyone who brake the rules instantly. And it is 10 admins + 3 management on the MG2.
    This day when Im typing this, me and Sceptic where playing on the server and just joking around with eachother. We said like fuck and stuff like that to eachothers in english. But as soon as we said hörensohn to eachother 1 time. He reacted to it! LIKE WTF.
    Me and sceptic knows eachother in real life too, so we joke around with eachother. But this dude. Its 13 admins all in all on the MG2. Thought it was enough from the past.

    AS HE SAID TO ME, HE GOT ALL THIS ON TAPE, ASK HIM TO GET THE TAPE. LISTEN TO IT. Tell him to not be that aggresive!

    // Hakonzi :thumbsup:
  • Hakonzi and Sceptic,
    So first I wanna make sure - that you understand, that I never would ban someone for no reason! If somebody is rushing I first make !msay Rush=Ban/kick then I kick the guys and when they joined the server again - I warnt him also! - And TekToniiik said thats OK !!!
    - And that max. 3 times until I ban him!

    So first to you Hakonzi: I was playing on the server and I saw that you join - the first thing what I heard from you was: HELLO MY FRIENDS AHHHHHHHHH... - I just woundered and thinked about to mute you. But I am not kind of guy, who mutes instantly - so I thinked you come down. - After a few minutes you started to spam the voice chat and finaly you said: Hurensohn nazi... That was the reason, that I have ban you for 5min! - Just a warning! - Then you added me and said, that I´ll lose my Trial Admin instantly, - if you say it to Totenfluch... So finaly I said, - Dont say thi kind of words anymore, or I´ll ban you perm! - And I hope you dont do that again - It doesn´t matter if it was to your friend, because the others felt disturbed cause of this!

    Now Sceptic:

    You have provoked me often on day and I thought you would make fun. Finaly you rusht very often on a map, - and I kicked you 2times - in the hope - that you understand not to rush! After you rejoinded you we´re very angressive to me and said: You can suck my dick! - --- That was the reason that I have ban you perm --- - But I said everyone has a second chance, so you have a ban for a week now -and you´re muted perm!So finaly I hope that will not happen again and you learn - that rushing is not allowed on the respective maps!!!

    LG M@xed

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  • /update

    M@xed schrieb:

    -and you´re muted perm!
    I thinked about it the last time and I think everyone has a second chance so you are still not muted because I saw that you have improved yourself...

    LG M@xed

    ---And I think the theme is solved now---


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