Knife Raffle!!!!!!

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    • Knife Raffle!!!!!!

      Hello GGC community,

      as many of you know i have a skin gambling addiction and recently i have acquired a good few skins and I am thinking it's time i would give something back to you, the members of the community.
      (this is just an idea for the meantime)

      i have the idea of doing a raffle to win a knife and they way it would work is this: in order to enter the raffle you will be required to donate a min of 10 euro to the server. people who donate 20 eur willo be entered 2 times and people with 30 eur 3 times and it goes on.
      donations will still receive the usual credits, vip etc..
      the starting knife would be of $50 value and the more donations we receive in the forum then the higher the knife value it would be.
      at the end of the month we will do the draw and they will receive a knife skin (to be decided soon).

      i am willing to fund the knife myself and i am hoping this idea will be a success.
      we will also need help ideas to advertise the raffle.

      any suggestions from the admins or from the players will be appreciated and will be discussed internally with me and the management.

      thanks for the help

      <3 Ryu!

    • this will only be one time event as i would not be able to afford every month.#

      just wondering if we should do the raffle over 2 months in order to gain donations and give people the time to get the funds?