Security concern. hyperlink BUG

  • Noticed a bug when i send links.

    So a player was unaware about finding something on the website so i sent him a link, however because i was signed into the forum at the time when they clicked onto the link they were in the correct page but they were signed into my forum account.

    This can be a problem as someone could impersonate me, or take things like the credits i have on here.

  • this is a wbb4 problem and out of my reach.

    Note: this only happens some times.
    Giving a link does not immidiatly sign them in.
    It only signs them in IF the link contains something along these lines: /s?=asih85v934n957349584395jv103403745v249
    Otherwise it WONT log them in. If you send a Link that contains this to someone then immidiatly log out and they will also be kicked out since the sessionid will be invalided