Hello, good morning to you Mr. Ryu!

  • :Dear Mr Ryu:

    I'm sorry, enormously for any inconvenience that might have caused you with respect to what happened.
    I simply wanted to send this simple note to apologize, I am aware of what he did.
    as shown by my understanding in this matter. accept my most sincere apologies, I apologize for my inappropriate behavior, the truth is I do not know what I was thinking when I made that mistake, I beg your pardon and I want our friendship to go forward. As good friends we are, what has happened between us has not been decisive in our friendship. I ask you to soften your heart and understand me beer

    <3 .:Krakin:. <3

  • I'm sorry but i reject you unban request.

    this is due to the lack of patience and due to the steam messages you were sending me.
    not only do you not see the errors but because you refuse to accept that they were against the rules.

    i won't state any more on here because you know on the steam chat.