Request for new rule on MG2.

  • Hello!

    In the requesting we could make a rule for viptp to the end. I feel like people just get it all up got it to buy viptp to tp to end when 1 person has finished. People arent getting better when they are only teleporting to the end. So if we could not do it.
    Because I remember when i actually could do one of the maps pretty good and pretty fast, i always finished first. But when I finished alot of people was just teleporting to me at the end.
    I want people to get better at climbing and bhop'ing at a high speed instead of only teleporting to the end. I want people to get really good at this things. Not only tp to the end.
    I feel like the end credits achivment should be achived by actually completing the map.

    //Hakonzi ♥

  • One of the fixes to this could be to make it impossible to tp to end with vipstp (the tp that costs 15000 credits) like with the viptp (50k credits). The vipstp (15k) can tp to the endzone while the viptp (50k credits) cannot. Of course this will not prevent every tp to end, however it might help if you ask me. I think this could "force" players to actually finish the maps and get credits, instead of tp'ing to the end to get it. :thumbsup:

  • what i find can also help was set !kill to a bind sso when you fin you just die.
    also what i did was change my name to be symbols instead of text because tp is impossible when you try teleport to a player with this as their name.