Informations about Article 17 (EU GDPR) - "Right to erasure"

  • this post only applies to EU Citizen

    As the GGC is no exception to this law this thread will explain how to make use of it.

    If you want to have all your data erased from our Community please send a Letter with the following details

    • A Copy of your ID
    • A Copy of something that proofs that you own the data that you want to have deleted. As we can not make a connection between you as a person and your steam account you have to directly show us the connection.
    • Text that requests the deletion of Data and specifies which Data (or all)

    Further Notes:

    • We can only delete data when we have sufficient proof that you are the "owner" of the data. We won't delete anything that is not clearly linked to you as a Person.
    • If you are banned from our Community any SteamID will stay in the Database but everything else will be deleted (Article 4, 5)
    • Missuse will result in legal steps against you

    For the Mailing Address please PN me.

    kind regards