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    Hello, i thought the playerskins insta die thing was fixed. But it seems like its back again.

    Some accessories are also bugged with the playerskins specially the Perfectworld Wings 1 (The only one i'v tested and have), so dont know about the rest of the accessories.
    As you see on the pictures down below the wings are placed way to low.

    Thought i might just take this to the forum and it might get fixed.


    Hello, im pretty tired of people in spectate just sitting there over a long time and doing nothing. They are just sitting there and that counts as an person in the RTV system. So when we want to RTV we need pretty much all on the server to RTV and not kinda HALF HALF.
    So could this be helped in anyway, like kicking the afk person after a short time of afk'ing or disable him from the '' RTV '' system?



    In the requesting we could make a rule for viptp to the end. I feel like people just get it all up got it to buy viptp to tp to end when 1 person has finished. People arent getting better when they are only teleporting to the end. So if we could not do it.
    Because I remember when i actually could do one of the maps pretty good and pretty fast, i always finished first. But when I finished alot of people was just teleporting to me at the end.
    I want people to get better at climbing and bhop'ing at a high speed instead of only teleporting to the end. I want people to get really good at this things. Not only tp to the end.
    I feel like the end credits achivment should be achived by actually completing the map.

    //Hakonzi ♥

    We played the map * mg_twisted_towers_course_v4_1 now for over 1 hour and we have tried to do the map many times before but never succeded. But it isnt at credit area at the end of the map.
    So the map is very diffuculty to do alone. So if it's possible to put an 500 credit end area there, that would be a great end result.

    All in all, the map is hard to do alone, you need a team to complete the map and if its possible to like teleport everyone into the finish when someone completes the map that would be GREAT! :D
    I think its unfair if the last guy makes it to the end with all help from the team and he claims the reward for him self.

    So I think this is the best map that has been put into Mg2 for a long time now :thumbsup: So i really hope more maps like this can come into mg2.
    Here you can see it isnt any credits at the end:…g2-finish-with-0-credits-


    If you look at the source bans M@xed is banning everyone who brake the rules instantly. And it is 10 admins + 3 management on the MG2.
    This day when Im typing this, me and Sceptic where playing on the server and just joking around with eachother. We said like fuck and stuff like that to eachothers in english. But as soon as we said hörensohn to eachother 1 time. He reacted to it! LIKE WTF.
    Me and sceptic knows eachother in real life too, so we joke around with eachother. But this dude. Its 13 admins all in all on the MG2. Thought it was enough from the past.

    AS HE SAID TO ME, HE GOT ALL THIS ON TAPE, ASK HIM TO GET THE TAPE. LISTEN TO IT. Tell him to not be that aggresive!