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Console Error



Back 4 Blood: Left-4-Dead-Macher


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  • KrakeN -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema Console Error verfasst.

    You need configure the opcion menu again and add the letter you had before assigned. I think there was an update yesterday because when I go in the server I did not see the TAG, and I had to put it back.
  • Ryuka -

    Hat das Thema Console Error gestartet.

    Hi all. so i am not sure if it is something wrong with csgo or the server but i am unable to open the console. this is an issue for me at least because i use this for my admin command. so all of my binds have recently been disappeared and because of this i am…
  • Physicus -

    Hat das Thema Back 4 Blood: Left-4-Dead-Macher gestartet.

    Xbox_360_-_Platz_6_-_Left_4_Dead_2_b2article_artwork.jpg Back 4 Blood: Left-4-Dead-Macher bringen neuen Zombie-Koop-Shooter Turtle Rock, der Kopf hinter Left 4 Dead, hat Back 4 Blood angekündigt. Der Titel soll kein "Left 4 Dead 3" darstellen, als…