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    • Application for administrator in MG2

      Welcome to my application.
      * Who i am
      -I am a simple person. I like to meet new people and find a way to help them have a positive experience. I am dedicated, sociable.
      -I like sports like basketball, in fact I played for one of the best teams on my island, but I also take advantage of my free time to watch movies and from time to time I like to escape and get to know new places. and as for my studies, I have finished high school, and now I work as a autonomous in my profession

      Well, there goes.

      * What's your name?
      - My name is Kilian. Name know in Ireland
      * Where are you from?
      - I come from small island called Gran Canaria, Located in southern Spain
      * How old are you?
      -I'm 21 years old
      What is your job?
      -Repair the air condicioner and install them

      * Have you done anything in a social area? For example, to lead a group? Did you work with many people? ... etc.
      - I love working as a team, a very importand point in my work, for example, where we usually have to work as a teamand satisfy the customer. I think I have skills to work in a team and I consider myself a good part.

      * Why do you want to join our team?
      - I have a lot of fun whit MG2 server. I think it is a fantastic community and I would like to be able to collaborate with the GGC team and help those to spend and a pleasant stay here.

      * Have you been part of our team before?
      - I have never been part of a large community like GGC. But I will be very grateful to belong to her
      - So far, I have never had experience as administrator of the MG server alone on MMORPG servers, but I want to learn a lot with the GGC team.

      * How do you rate your dealings with other people?
      - I always tell myself: treat others as you want to be treated. That way we will avoid the bad roll, in fact, I get along very well with everyone. No more for the moment I say goodbye to you, waiting for a positive response to my petition.

      * Closing words.
      After the great moments, unforgettable memories remain,

      -I hope you like my application
      See you soon family

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    • I refuse to read this application until you consider taking massive steps to restyle it...
      "Hochmut kommt vor dem Ban."
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    • Good Evening Krakin,

      The Management has decided against accepting your Application.
      But we hope to keep you as one of our most active Players.
      Don't take it too personal.

      "Hochmut kommt vor dem Ban."
      Taking private plugin requests and paid jobs for SourcePawn, java&c++
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