Carry's Aplication for Admin on MG2

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    • Carry's Aplication for Admin on MG2

      Information about myself:
      My name is Noah Vos and I'm 16 years old born at 16/12/2001.
      I live in the Netherlands and in a few months I'm going to study computer programming.

      my hobbies:

      besides gaming it is pretty hard Because I just got a job where i work six hours a day.
      I work as a runner / bar at a beach club, a runner is a person who brings all the drinks to the people who orders them.
      My social life is pretty big and my work is verry social.
      I love listening to music alot.

      When I can be online:

      depends on it because i have to tell when i can work to my boss.
      but i can do it every day in the evening for sure, and when i'm free but that's mostly random.

      Why I'd like to be an admin:

      i've been playing alot on the server but i got vacced on an account.
      but i missed the server alot and when i once came back i instantly liked the server again.
      I want to join the team because i almost know every admin in the server and i really like them all and they are verry friendly to everyone in the server, i'd like to do the same with ohter players.
      I like to improve some gameplay for people on the server, and make the server a friendly server.
      I can be verry social and verry kind, i like to talk to people and make them happy. <3

      Experience as Admin:

      I don't have alot of experience as an admin because i was scared to actully screw it up for other admins if i became an admin myself.

      Dealing with other players on the server:

      I am calm and a respectful person that means i can calm someone down if needed.
      I therefore can react verry calmfully against players if they have mad against other players or when they have a problem.

      Closing Word:

      Thank u for reading all of it.
      hoping for a quick response. :saint: <3

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