German Players in World Cyber Games Xi'an 2019

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    • German Players in World Cyber Games Xi'an 2019

      Note : this post is in English

      Do you guys remember World Cyber Games? If so, they're coming back this 2019 with different games. They have already competed in the Nationals Advancing to Regional Finals, they are finished with APAC and Americas.
      You can watch the highlightMatches and the replays of the live stream here!

      There are 2 players and 1 team that wants to play in WCG's European Finals. It is fantastic how They manage to get one representative of thesis three games, Who Said Germans are not skilled gamers?
      I wonder if they'll manage to win until the Grand Finals. I do hope so! Good luck: D

      Dota 2 division

      Warcraft 3: The Frozen throne division

      Clash Royale division

      Of course let's support them all! But I really hope that the bacterium wants to win in the Clash Royale division because of how powerful its competitors are ... I hope it does not get nervous so that it can play and think at ease. "Only the tough get into the garden" so assault rifle lol
      <3 chainsaw